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Access Premium Licence User FAQs

Who does our Access Premium agreement cover?
Access Premium typically covers all the students, faculty, staff and library patrons at an institution.

What does Access Premium cover?
Access Premium covers day-to-day copying distributed by handout, email and upload to secure network. It also covers the creation of print and digital course collections (ie: coursepacks) with a requirement to log and report print and digital course collections (ie: coursepacks), and any pay-per-use copying (ie: over 20 percent limit).

How do we know if a title is covered?
You can use the Education Look-up Tool to confirm a title is covered. Access Copyright’s repertoire includes tens of millions of published titles, so most of what you need will be covered.   

How much are we covered to copy?  
The basic limits are 20 percent or a whole chapter from a book provided it is not more than 25% of the book and one article from an issue of a periodical. There is no limit on the total amount of copying covered under Access Premium, however, there are limits on how much can be copied from individual titles for use in the same course. For further detail, please consult the Access Premium Information Poster.  

Is there any additional support for permissions not covered under Access Premium?  
Yes, Access Premium customers also have the option to use our Permissions Clearance Services to lighten your administrative load when you need permission for material not covered under Access Premium. Clearances are offered on a pay-per-use basis subject to rightsholder consent. For further detail, please contact our permissions services team.  

When is logging required under Access Premium?
Logging is required for the creation of print and digital course collections (ie: coursepacks), and for any pay-per-use copying (ie: over 20 percent limit). 

How is logging administered?  
Ideally, one or more service hubs will log the contents of print and digital course collections and over-limit copying using the Access Premium Reporting Tool. Those who compile the logs should also verify that copying is from covered titles and falls within covered limits.

Are there additional payments associated with submitting logs? 
There are no additional royalties associated with logging for print and digital course collections if the uses fall within the covered limits. Only over-limit pay-per-use copying, for uses between 20 and 25 percent of a book, will trigger additional royalties.   

How often do we have to submit logs? 
Logs are submitted on a mutually agreed upon schedule—typically once a semester. The schedule can vary by institution so please consult your agreement if you are unsure about your reporting timetable.  

What do you do with the information collected in logs?   
The bibliographic information you submit is used to calculate payments to creators and publishers. Submitting complete and accurate logs leads to royalty payments for the creators and publishers of the content your faculty and students use.          

Who can produce coursepacks?
Coursepack production and logging can be handled by a service hub on campus, or subcontracted to a licensed copyshop.

Can we use an external provider to create digital coursepacks under Access Premium?  
While this option is not explicitly described in your Access Premium agreement, we have previously partnered with a post-secondary institution and a third-party platform provider to deliver a successful digital coursepack pilot project. We remain very open to new opportunities to integrate our offerings with your preferred platforms. For more information or to find out how your institution can participate in a pilot, contact us at:                   

Are we able to sell coursepacks, or access to digital course collections, to students?
Yes, coursepacks and access to digital course collections can be sold to students.   

Are we covered to provide copying services to satellite campuses?
Typically, Access Premium covers all students, faculty, staff and library patrons at an institution, including satellite campuses. Please consult your agreement if you are uncertain about the extent of coverage at your institution.

Are we covered for student uploading of articles to an LMS or course website?  
Yes, students are covered to post, upload or store a copy of an article to a secure network, provided the material is from a covered title and within the covered limits.

Can students print material that faculty upload to a Learning Management System under Access Premium?
Yes, students can print material that faculty distribute or make available digitally under Access Premium

Who can our library provide copying services to under Access Premium?
Access Premium covers copying by and for students, faculty, staff and other individuals who are entitled to use the library at your institution, both in-person and remotely.

Can an article on library reserve be copied under Access Premium?
Yes, printing material on library reserve is covered, provided the material is from a covered title and within the covered limits.

Can copies be created for students with perceptual difficulties?
Exceptions in the Copyright Act may enable you to create copies for students with perceptual difficulties, however this use is not explicitly covered under your Access Premium agreement. 

Can copying be included in a package that is sold to another post-secondary institution?
Access Premium does not cover copying or republishing of material for external sale.  We may, however, be able to help you secure re-publishing permissions. For further detail, please contact our permissions services team.