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Independent Schools

Does my school have an Access Copyright licence?

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Access Copyright's licence for independent schools

Access Copyright’s new licence for independent schools provides educators and staff members with permission to copy from millions of published works to inspire and spark classroom learning. Under the terms of the licence, pre-cleared permission is granted for sharing of published works through both print and digital means. This allows you the freedom to augment lessons by providing students with additional resources via handout, including offering published material on your learning management system (LMS), building custom course packs with content from a variety of sources, and emailing articles or other readings to students.

Using information collected during copying surveys from randomly selected schools as well as other usage data, Access Copyright distributes the royalties paid by schools to the creators and publishers who are most likely to be copied and used in independent schools.

Contact us at to learn more about our licensing solutions for independent schools, or if you would like to switch over to our new licence which offers expanded coverage and opportunities to copy and share content.

Tariff for K-12 Schools

The Copyright Board of Canada issued a tariff that established a new royalty rate for the copying of publications in public and private schools.

The new tariff for K-12 schools established a rate of less than $2.50 per student per year for the years 2013 and beyond.

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To learn how the tariff affects your coverage with Access Copyright, please contact us at 416-868-1620 (toll-free 1-800-893-5777) or email us.