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Access Copyright's Affiliates: Canada's Storytellers, Chroniclers and Educators

If you’re a published writer or visual artist, here are the top five reasons you should become an Access Copyright affiliate

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Access Copyright represents over 11,000 Canadian writers, visual artists and publishers.

These talented professionals are our nation's storytellers, chroniclers and educators.

Through hard work, inspiration and skill, they create the textbooks, novels, plays, poetry, newspapers, magazines, children's books, art and more that Canadians reach for every day.

They inform and inspire readers across the country and around the globe and are an integral part of a vibrant, active Canadian culture.

Access Copyright is proud to be a collective voice of writers, visual artists and publishers as we work to ensure that literacy, learning, reading and writing continue to be indispensable parts of our society.

We make it easy to remix and share published content while ensuring appropriate rewards for creators and publishers, so that they can continue creating new and innovative works.

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