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Coursepack Subcontracting

Copyshops can provide copying services to universities and colleges that have Access Premium or Access Choice licence agreements. Those institutions can directly subcontract paper coursepack services to a copyshop, or authorize Access Copyright to do so on their behalf.

For institutions with Access Premium, authorized subcontractors will not be required to pay a per-page royalty for copying falling within the Access Premium licence limits (those royalties are covered under an institution’s flat fee).  

For institutions with Access Choice, authorized copyshops will need to log and remit the royalties for coursepacks.  

Whether under an Access for Copyshops agreement, or an Access Premium or Choice Subcontractor Agreement, copyshops agree to log and report accurate bibliographic records about what is copied.  

To make it easier to log those details, Access Copyright has developed a new logging tool for copyshops.

For more information on becoming an authorized subcontractor for a university or college, please contact us.