Access Copyright's Licensing and Distribution Services


For over 30 years, Access Copyright has facilitated the remixing and sharing of content for educational and professional purposes. We have helped educators become their own anthology editors when the need arises. And we have combined this with an assurance that the original writers, visual artists and publishers also benefit, so that they can continue creating new and innovative works. This is vitally important to a strong Canadian culture and to all those who read, write, teach and learn.

Access Copyright's comprehensive licence is ideal for organizations that regularly use copyright protected works. It provides advance permission for copying materials from an ever-growing repertoire of published works including books, journals, newspapers and magazines, allowing teachers, learners, readers, business professionals, government employees and others to select, create and share, while rewarding the creators and publishers of that material.

Among those organizations covered by an Access Copyright licence or through a tariff are:

  • public schools
  • universities and colleges
  • businesses
  • the federal government
  • provincial governments
  • municipal governments
  • not-for-profit organizations
  • copyshops

Royalty Collection & Distribution

The royalties we collect at Access Copyright come from the following primary sources: licensing revenues, and royalties forwarded to us from foreign reproduction rights organizations (RROs) for Canadian works copied abroad.

How does Access Copyright collect and distribute royalties?

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