Details about affiliation, the repertoire payment, and other royalties and services for publishers.

Becoming an Access Copyright Affiliate

Who Can Join Access Copyright?

Any Canadian business or subsidiary of a foreign business in Canada (headquartered outside of Quebec) is eligible to apply for affiliation, provided they meet the following requirements.

The company:

  • Has at least one of their works already published in print form.
  • Is not already affiliated with any other reproduction rights agency, such as COPIBEC in Quebec.
  • Is not a subsidiary of another company already affiliated with Access Copyright. (If the parent company is already an Access Copyright affiliate, any royalties we collect payable will be sent to the parent company for distribution).
  • Does not have its head office in Quebec.
  • Is not a self-publisher. If you are a self-publisher and your company only publishes works written by you, please apply as a Creator Affiliate.

When you become an affiliate, Access Copyright allows your business to continue to license its work to users through other, non-collective means, including by issuing permission directly.

Follow These Steps to Join Access Copyright

  1. Download, print and complete our publisher affiliation agreement and form. The form must be signed by an individual who has the authority to bind your business.
  2. For magazine, journal and newspaper publishers: List all other entities the publisher owns on Appendix A (page two), as well as all publications including ISSN and Title of Publication. A sample may be requested by Royalties and Client Services.
  3. For book publishers: List all other entities the book publisher owns on Appendix A (page two) and provide an Excel file with the following information, including ISBN, Title, Author, Number of Pages, Print Status (In-Print / Out-of-Print). A sample may be requested by Royalties and Client Services.
  4. To return the completed application form, you can scan and email it to, fax it to 416-868-1621 or mail it to 69 Yonge Street, Suite 1100, Toronto, ON, M5E 1K3.

Before mailing your application, please ensure you make a copy for your files.

For more information, please contact Royalties and Client Services.