Unauthorized posting of ebooks on ebook.bike website

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Access Copyright has recently learned of the posting of ebooks without author and publisher consent on a Canadian-based website currently named ebook.bike.

While piracy of this nature is not new, it doesn’t change the fact Canadian creators and publishers invest considerable time, resources and effort to bring these stories to life and that they have not consented to this use of their work(s). Blatant disregard for copyright under the guise of creating awareness or access to content is unethical and illegal.

If you find your work posted illegally on a site like the one mentioned above, we recommend sending a letter demanding the work be removed. The letter below (with minor modifications) was adapted for Canadian authors by The Writers' Union of Canada (TWUC). Access Copyright and TWUC thank the US Authors’ Guild for the template.

Travis McCrea
PO BOX 99900 GC 612 862

Dear [insert name],
Re: Notice of Unauthorized Use of Copyright Owned by [insert name of rights holder]

I am the author of the book(s) noted below. It has come to my attention, and I have good faith belief that, without permission from either me or my publisher [insert name], you are making my book(s) available to read and/or download on your website [insert website name]. Please remove my book(s) from the [insert name] website, and any other website(s) owned or controlled by you.

My book(s) is/are entitled: [list all books made available for reading on or downloading from the site without permission].

They are located at the following URLs on your site: [provide URL for each book].

My contact information is: [insert address, telephone number, and email address].

The information in this notice is accurate and I am either the copyright owner or I am authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

Electronic signature: [provide e-signature or physical signature]

Access Copyright is monitoring the situation. Please let us know if you’ve contacted the site and if your work was subsequently removed by sending an email to editor@accesscopyright.ca.