Title Search & Permissions Tool—Enhanced Release

Monday, September 19, 2016

With the latest release of Access Copyright’s Title Search & Permissions Look-Up, you now have a more convenient way to reference sector-specific permissions coverage on the titles you want to copy.  Check your permissions coverage as follows:

  • Search the Look-Up for the title you wish to copy
  • When you find a match, click on “Permissions”
  • Indicate your sector when prompted
  • Confirm the copying you want to do is covered
  • Copy and share with confidence

Need to copy beyond the limits of your coverage?

Use the “Pay-per-use” tab to submit a request for additional permissions.

More enhancements to come

We’re not done. More enhancements are on the way. In the meantime, please use the “Feedback” button, or email us directly at info@accesscopyright.ca, and tell us what you think about the Title Search & Permissions Look-Up.