Publisher affiliates - please sign the new affiliation agreement by September 8

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Access Copyright has rolled-out an updated Publisher Affiliation Agreement to our publisher affiliates.

The new agreement reflects continued innovation and changes in how content is being used. It features a consolidated grant of rights and a technologically-neutral definition of copying that will enhance our readiness to meet the evolving needs of the customers we serve on your behalf.

We are hoping you will review the new agreement and sign it by September 8 to signal your expectation that rightsholders should be rewarded when their works are used, regardless of the technological platform.

The new Publisher Affiliation Agreement complements a new Creator Affiliation Agreement that was rolled out in April 2015.

Key changes in the new agreement 

  • Consolidated, technologically-neutral grant of rights
  • AC required to consult member organizations before changes to distribution policies

Unchanged in new agreement

  • Royalty splits and distribution guidelines

I’d like more information on the new agreement

I want to sign the new agreement

I have questions...please contact our Royalty and Client Services department at or 1-800-893-5777 x250.