Notice to Affiliates – Copibec class action against Laval University

Thursday, September 7, 2017

We encourage all of our affiliates to read & share this Notice to Members as part of a class action Copibec, which is our sister collective in Quebec, has filed on behalf of creators and publishers against Laval University.

The class action, which was authorized by the Quebec Court of Appeal on February 8, 2017, is intended to establish that Laval University and its employees, as part of their teaching and research activities, infringed rights recognized under the Copyright Act.

Canadian authors and publishers may be able to benefit from this class action. Please read the Notice to Members to determine if you are member of the designated class as well as how to opt-out if you do not wish to be a member of the class.

If you are a member of the designated class, no action is required on your behalf.

For More Information

Please visit the Copibec website for updates on this class action.


If you have any questions regarding the class action or the Notice to Members, please email