Access Copyright Statement on Copibec / Université Laval Settlement

Friday, November 16, 2018

Access Copyright is pleased the Quebec Superior Court has approved the settlement agreement reached between Copibec and Université Laval. This reflects the organizations’ shared commitment to copyright and positively demonstrates how the education sector, Canadian creators, and publishers can collaborate to mutually resolve outstanding issues.

“This agreement is a welcome development, providing us with a framework for how we can work together and re-establish educational licences in the rest of Canada,” said Roanie Levy, CEO & President, Access Copyright. “This will directly benefit professors and students, as well as Canadian creators and publishers, by allowing access to content and ensuring fair compensation.”

Notably, Université Laval has signed a comprehensive licence agreement covering the years 2017-2021 and, in collaboration with Copibec, Université Laval will maintain its copyright office (Bureau de droit d’auteur) to support personnel and students in applying the Copyright Act.

Copibec and Université Laval’s announcement can be viewed here.


For almost 30 years, Access Copyright has facilitated content use for educational and professional purposes. We have helped people make customized use of published materials combined with an assurance that the original creators and publishers also benefit, so that they can continue creating new and innovative works. This is vitally important to a strong Canadian culture and to all who rely on quality publications.