Access Copyright & Prescient shortlisted for two Enterprise Blockchain Awards

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Blockchain Research Institute’s inaugural Enterprise Blockchain Awards (EBA) will recognize, “the foremost thinkers, leaders, and builders in blockchain technology.”* Access Copyright and its innovation lab, Prescient, are finalists in two categories.

Roanie Levy, Access Copyright’s President and CEO, and CEO of Prescient Innovations, is shortlisted in the Ecosystem Leadership category, as a champion for blockchain in industry. Access Copyright and its innovation lab, Prescient, are recognized among organizations, “using blockchain to transform their industries, based on a commitment to drive innovation.”*

“We are one of the few organizations globally exploring blockchain technology to benefit creators and rightsholders. Being named to the EBA shortlist is a validation of both our work and its potential to transform Web 3.0 for rightsholders,” said Roanie Levy of Access Copyright and Prescient Innovations. “We are honoured to have earned two places on the shortlist among so many world-renown individuals and organizations.”

The EBA winners will be announced in Toronto on April 24th as part of the Blockchain Research Institute’s Blockchain Revolution Global conference.

*Learn more about the EBA and Blockchain Revolution Global here: