Details about affiliation, the repertoire payment, and other royalties and services for publishers.

Steps to Becoming an Access Copyright Publisher Affiliate

  1. Download and print our publisher affiliation agreement and form. If you prefer to receive our complete affiliation kit via mail, please contact Distribution Services to request the kit. The affiliation kit is available in English or French.
  2. After reading the affiliation agreement and reviewing it with all appropriate representatives of your business, complete both pages of the affiliation form. The form must be signed in ink by an individual who has the authority to bind your business.
  3. Attach a list of your published works to the application. For a detailed explanation of what kind of information we need, please read "Providing a Works List to Access Copyright" and our affiliation FAQ.
  4. Include with your application the following samples for one of your works:

    For book publishers:
    • A photocopy of the copyright page from one of your books.
    For publishers of magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals or similar items:
    • One sample issue of your publication. This will be a one-time request. (Please do not add Access Copyright to your mailing or subscription list.) Even if you publish more than one publication, we only require a copy of one sample issue from one publication.
  5. Mail your complete application to Access Copyright. We can only evaluate original and complete applications. Please do not fax or email applications. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Send your application to:

Access Copyright
Attention: Distribution Services
69 Yonge Street, Suite 1100
Toronto, ON M5E 1K3

Before mailing your application, please ensure you make a copy for your files.

For more information, please contact Affiliate Services.