Reuse, remix and share your own selections of content.

FAQs for Languages Canada Private Sector Members

Who is Access Copyright?
Access Copyright is a non-profit, national organization, representing tens of thousands of Canadian creators and publishers who create the textbooks, novels, poetry, plays, children’s books, artistic works and more that Canadians reach for everyday.

What does Access Copyright do?
For nearly 30 years, Access Copyright has facilitated the remixing and sharing of content for educational and professional purposes. We have helped educators become their own anthology editors and we have combined this with an assurance that the original creators and publishers also benefit, so that they can continue creating new and innovative works.

What does the Languages Canada for Private Sector Members licence provide?
The Languages Canada for Private Sector Members licence (Access for Languages Canada) provides convenient, pre-cleared permission school-wide for copying up to 20% of individual publications in Access Copyright’s extensive repertoire. The licence also incorporates a single flat price per Student Week.

How much can I copy under an Access for Languages Canada agreement?
There is no limit on the number of copies you can make, as long as it is under the 20% limit per individual title.

What if I wish to copy beyond the copying limits?
While Access for Languages Canada does not cover cumulative copying of individual titles, you can request a pay-per-use licence using our Title Search and Permissions Tool.

How do we know what is in Access Copyright’s repertoire? 
Simply use our Title Search and Permissions Tool to help you determine whether you can make a copy from a book, journal, magazine, newspaper or similar publication.

How can I distribute or display copying?
You can distribute copies in handouts, by email, or posting or uploading to a secure network. You can also create copies for print and digital course collections and for classroom display (i.e. overheads, monitors, or whiteboards). Access for Languages Canada does not, however, cover posting to the open internet. Where reasonable, please include a credit to the author or illustrator as well as to the source.

What are course collections as referred to in Access for Languages Canada?
Course Collections are paper copies of published works assembled into coursepacks or digital copies of published works that are posted, uploaded or stored on a Secure Network and made available to students.

What is the indemnification provided for by Access Copyright under Access for Languages Canada?
As long as you and your staff are following the licence guidelines, Access Copyright will protect you for any liability or loss that results from a claim made against you for copying within the licence terms and conditions. The specifics of the indemnification are found on page 4 of the licence.

How do I calculate a Student Week as this is used to determine my annual royalty payment?
A Student Week is calculated by taking the total number of class hours for all students during the calendar year and dividing by 25.

Does the licence cover copying for students and instructors who are at our school sites overseas? 
Yes, the licence covers copying that is intended for a school’s students or instructors who are overseas, as long as the copying is done in Canada. This would include copying done for international campuses. This copying would need to be reported according to the terms of the licence.