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Invoice FAQs for Independent Schools

What is the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) student figure and how is it calculated?
The FTE student figure is your official enrolment as of October 31st of the immediately preceding school year. The FTE student figure is the total of full-time students plus a calculation of part-time students. Students that attend half of the time would be counted as one-half of a FTE student. For example, if you had 360 full-time students and 164 part-time students, the FTE for your school would be 442 (360 + 164 / 2 = 442).

Is submission of the FTE student figure necessary?
The submission of the FTE student figure is required every year as outlined in your licence and is to be submitted annually by May 15th.

How are the invoices calculated?
For independent schools, the licence rate is multiplied by the FTE student figure to determine the licensing fee for the period of the licence (July 1st to June 30th).

When are the payments for the invoices due?
Invoice payment is due on October 31st.