Reuse, remix and share your own selections of content.

Independent and Tutorial Schools

Through licensing services available to Canadian independent and tutorial schools, teachers can copy and share published material with their students, while also demonstrating respect for copyright and the hard work involved in producing material with pedagogical value. 

Under the independent and tutorial school licence, educators can:

  • Share and distribute relevant content for their students
  • Make slides and overheads that enhance the classroom experience
  • Select and share content right away
  • Reward the original creator and publisher

Tariff for K-12 Schools 

The Copyright Board of Canada issued a tariff that established a new royalty rate for the copying of publications in public and private schools.

The new tariff for K-12 schools established of less than $2.50 per student per year for the years 2013 and beyond. 

For more information on the tariff, please visit

To learn how the tariff affects your coverage with Access Copyright, please contact us at 416-868-1620 (toll-free 1-800-893-5777) or email us.

What is the Copyright Board of Canada?

The Copyright Board of Canada is an administrative federal tribunal responsible for establishing the royalties to be paid for the use of copyrighted works in specific sectors.

The Copyright Act sets out a process whereby copyright collectives like Access Copyright can file sector-specific tariff requests with the Copyright Board. The Board then considers submissions and sets rates that balance the interests of both content creators and content users in the relevant sector.