Learn about creator affiliation, the Payback payment, and other royalties and services for writers and visual artists.

If you’re a published writer or visual artist, here are the top five reasons you should become an Access Copyright affiliate:

  1. Payback. What’s that, you ask? Payback is an annual payment that recognizes the contribution that each writer and visual artist affiliated with Access Copyright makes to our licence offerings to content users. Each year, affiliates receive a base payment with a secondary payment based on their published output over the past 20 years.
  2. Being part of one of Canada’s largest communities of writers, visual artists and publishers. It doesn’t cost a dime to join Access Copyright and the over 13,000 Canadian creators and publishers affiliated with us. You heard us right, it’s FREE to join. If you’ve published at least one work you have copyright in, you belong here.
  3. Receiving royalties for the use of your work. Creating is your job and your work has value. That’s why when it’s copied and shared, you should be paid. Through our royalty distributions, we ensure that when it’s used, you are compensated.
  4. Your right to be paid for the use of your work is defended. At Access Copyright, we don’t just talk about upholding the rights of creators, we walk the walk through advocacy, thought leadership and taking legal action, when necessary, Because Paying the Creator Matters.
  5. Assurance that you will not only be fairly paid today but tomorrow also. Through our innovation lab, Prescient, we’re making sure creators and their interests are our guiding light in the development of new digital technologies and services.

What are you waiting for? It’s free to affiliate with Access Copyright. Get started by visiting