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Access for Business FAQs

What is Access Copyright?
Access Copyright is a non-profit, national organization, representing tens of thousands of Canadian creators and publishers who create the textbooks, novels, poetry, plays, children’s books, artistic works and more, which Canadians reach for everyday. 

What does Access Copyright do?
For nearly 30 years, we have facilitated the remixing and sharing of content combined with an assurance that original creators and publishers also benefit, so that they can continue creating new and innovative works.

What is Access for Business?
Access for Business is a licence agreement that provides corporations, not-for-profits, municipalities and other organizations with convenient, pre-cleared permission to copy portions of more than 100-million published titles.

What can we do under Access for Business?
Under Access for Business, you have pre-clearance to copy up to 20% of individual publications in Access Copyright’s extensive repertoire. Distribution of copies of material to an organization’s employees, consultants, volunteers, trainees and members for internal business purposes is covered. 

Additionally, you can make copies for and receive copies from other Access for Business licensees and a single copy can be provided to others outside of your organization upon request provided it is in connection to your product(s) or service(s). Copies can also be made for a government or other agency related to a regulatory process, such as for a patent application. 

Access for Business also offers pay-per-use coverage for the external distribution of copies to others not affiliated with your organization.

How do I know what I can copy?
You can copy portions of any publication in Access Copyright’s extensive repertoire. Use our convenient Title Search and Permissions Business Look-Up Tool to confirm the material you wish to copy is covered.

How much of a covered title can we copy?
You can copy up to 20% of a book or entire article from a magazine, journal or newspaper. This can include an article or paper from a periodical, an entire report of a legal case from a periodical or volume containing other reports, or an entire chapter, scientific or engineering standard, section, table or code.

Can I request permission to copy over the limits? 
Yes, you can request permission to copy beyond the limits of an individual book or periodical. Over-limit permissions, where available, are subject to pay-per-use pricing and can be obtained using the Title Search and Permissions Business Look-Up Tool. For more information, please consult your organization’s licence administrator or Access Copyright at

How is my licence cost determined?
The annual licence rate is based on your business sector and the number of employees or professional employees in your specific organization. For not-for-profit organizations, the annual licence rate is determined by your annual operating budget.

What is the indemnification provided for by Access Copyright under Access for Business?
As long as you and your employees and other individuals covered under Access for Business are following the licence guidelines, Access Copyright will protect you for any liability or loss that results from a claim made against you for copying within the licence terms and conditions. The specifics of the indemnification are found on page 4 and 5 of the licence.

Where can I find more about information about copyright issues at work?
To learn more about issues surrounding copyright at work, please check out our three-part video series