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Day-to-Day Photocopying

The Interim Tariff authorizes the reproduction of works in Access Copyright's repertoire by post-secondary educational institutions and persons acting under their authority.

What you can copy

The Repertoire Look-Up Tool is a tool designed to let you know whether a particular publication is in Access Copyright's repertoire.

For day-to-day photocopying under the Interim Tariff, no copying can exceed 10% of a published work or the following, whichever is greater

  • An entire newspaper article or a page
  • An entire single short story, play, poem, essay or article from a book or periodical issue (including a set of conference proceedings) containing other works
  • An entire entry from an encyclopedia, dictionary, annotated bibliography or similar reference work
  • An entire reproduction of an artistic work (including drawing, sculpture, painting, prints, architectural works of art or works of artistic craftsmanship) from a book or periodical issue containing other works
  • One chapter, provided it is no more than 20% of a book

Works NOT covered by the Interim Tariff

  • Publications containing a notice expressly prohibiting copying under licence from a reproduction rights organization
  • Sheet Music
  • Works published by Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada or any province or territory, other than the Province of Quebec, and works published by foreign governments, other than Australia and Norway

If you are copying and binding, packaging or assembling photocopies from more than one publication, that is considered a coursepack. Coursepack copying is not covered under the day-to-day copying component but is covered under the coursepack copying component of the Interim Tariff.

The coursepack copying component of the Interim Tariff allows for the creation and sale or distribution of coursepacks. Coursepacks must be logged separately and royalties must be paid. Information on the coursepack provisions of the Interim Tariff is available here.

To find out more about copying under the Interim Tariff, please contact Access Copyright at 416-868-1620 (toll-free 1-800-893-5777) or email us.

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